Bioinfo retreat rained out

We got rained out for the first time in L.A. when our Catalina Island retreat got rescheduled due to a forecast of thunder, lighting, 15ft waves and waterspouts. (Would’ve made for a great story to see those, though, don’t you think?) To make to best of it, we all went out and had a great time at BJ’s in Westwood. Their pizza always hits the spot!


We’ll reschedule the retreat to sometime in April and May, which will be great, since the weather will be warmer and we’ll have great weather, guaranteed for that time of the year in California. :)

About alizrrao

I attended UCLA and majored in Computational and Systems Biology with a specialization in Bioinformatics. I chose the field because it was the perfect way to merge my love for biology, and my other passion: programming. Currently, I am a Bioinformatics Ph.D. candidate at UCLA in Stan Nelson's lab. Our lab sequences the exomes of individuals with rare genetic diseases or complex disorders, in hopes that we can identify the genetic mutations responsible for causing disease. In my research, I collaborate with clinicians and try to identify variants that may contribute to complex diseases such as bipolar disorder and autism. In addition, I look for patterns in the variation found in normal, healthy individuals. Knowing what normal variation looks like will help us determine which variants to filter out when looking for disease-causing variants. Outside the lab, I spend much of my time doing DIY projects around the house or going outdoors, jogging, hiking, or backacking. I dabble in various genres of dance, and love to travel all over the world. I hope that by contributing to Talking Genomes, I can be of help to those trying to enter the field of bioinformatics. It’s such a new and rapidly growing field, that I meet many who have heard of it want to learn more, but have no idea where to start. Here, I hope I can offer some insight to those readers, as well as share interesting experiences from the life of a Bioinformatics Ph.D. student.

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