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Welcome to talkinggenomes! This is a blog run by Bioinformatics Ph.D. students at UCLA. So, why did we start a blog? Well, there are a few reasons.

1. Science, obviously. We enjoy discussing awesome scientific topics that are usually-but-not-always bioinformatics related. A blog is a great way to discuss these ideas casually and openly with other scientists and non-scientists alike in plain English. This includes talking about news, controversies, hot topics from research conferences we attend, and our own research. Not only do we want to discuss current cutting edge research, but also explore the foundations of what is routine today. Did you know that a lot of statistical theory originated from studying gambling odds?

2. Bio-for-what? I’ve been asked this question many times when people ask what I do for a living after I respond “bioinformatics.” This blog, aside from talking about cool current research, is meant to shed some light on a field that is familiar to some and mysterious magic to others, but is the only way we can make dramatic strides in a variety of biological fields including evolution, molecular biology, population genetics, medicine, and the list goes on. There’s lots of information to learn from the huge amounts of high-throughput biological data, and we are here to decipher what these genomes are talking about.

3. A go-to interdisciplinary resource. Not only do we want to talk about cool stuff, but we also want to be a resource to help everyone be a little bit more interdisciplinary. Are you a biologist who wants to learn a few basic concepts about Unix? Are you a computer scientist who wants to learn about the Central Dogma of molecular biology? Which alignment tool is best for testing your hypothesis? How does sequencing work anyway? We’ll give you the quick run down of these topics with links to helpful resources.

4. And a little bit of self-advertisement.  We are based out of UCLA (GO BRUINS!) so we will shamelessly tell you about our own projects and plug our program. Join us! Join us! But seriously, if you are considering a career in academia or bioinformatics, we are a resource for you to ask questions and get an idea of what you would be getting yourself in to at UCLA or otherwise. But since we are at UCLA, we’ll tell you about great bioinformatics resources on campus.

In conclusion, welcome to our blog! Don’t be shy to comment and join the discussion.

Oh yeah, here’s the first shameless plug – follow us on twitter! @talkinggenomes

And contact us at talkinggenomes@gmail.com

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